Innovation compass guides toward market success.

Company innovation stems from its executives, led by the CEO, shaping direction through beliefs and knowledge.

Competitive Value Guide

The Competitive Value Guide analyzes your company’s innovation management by capturing the present state of your company, its primary markets, its key innovation focus and practices, its cultural alignment, the executive team alignment and the multi-dimensional competitive position of your company vis-à-vis your main competitor(s) based on your extensive knowledge and frank assessment of the situation.

Innovate Comprehensively

Corporate-level business innovation comprises the entire portfolio of innovation activities undertaken by a firm in its drive to achieve business success.

Analyze Competitively

Innovation is about attracting customers with more valuable products and services than those of your competition and surprising your competitors with more effective and efficient internal and external processes.

Succeed Methodically

Success without methodology is just luck. Success in an ever-changing competitive world requires both that the company knows itself and its competitors well and that it has a good methodology

Nurture Culture of Innovation

Culture is a consequence of past behaviour and a predictor of capabilities for future achievements. Corporate culture has been defined as learned behaviour patterns which are characteristics of the members of the company and which are not a result of biological inheritance.

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