Analyze Competitively

Drive Company Competitively:

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Innovation is about attracting customers with more valuable products and services than those of your competition and surprising your competitors with more effective and efficient internal and external processes.
As General Sun Tzu said more than 2500 years ago, winning the battle requires that one knows oneself as well as the enemy. Otherwise, there is little chance of success.

Corporate Competitive Innovation Management Diagnostic

  • Knowing WHO you are requires leadership with knowledge of what it wants to achieve, with clearly stated manageable goals and good understanding of your forces as well as what works well or not in your company. It also requires acknowledgement of what you think are the most important attributes and factors for achieving competitive success.
  • Knowing your WORLD – your markets and their characteristics as well as WHERE you are in those markets – specifically the business models that define your interaction with customers and other corporate stakeholders.
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  • Knowing your most significant present and future COMPETITORS in your markets of interest and determining how you fare in comparison with them on all the critical domains of competitiveness – commercial capabilities, market knowledge, resource and organization strengths, efficiency of your processes, advancement of your technologies, speed and cost of your development and production, affordability and functionality of your products and services, the quality of your customer service and the support you get from your business partners and government organizations.