BD Cohnsulting

BD COHNsulting is a boutique management consulting firm founded, owned and operated by Dr. Sorin Cohn since 2008, when he came back to Canada following 4 years of working in Europe and Middle East, 4 years of entrepreneurship in US and Canada, and 25 years with Bell-Northern Research and Nortel Networks globally.
BD COHNsulting works with small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) or with large business and private and public institutions concerned with their innovation performance as well as that of Canada’s industry in general.
BD COHNsulting considers business innovation to be the engine of growth and defines it comprehensively as “a process through which economic and social value is extracted from the transformation of ideas and knowledge into new or improved strategies, capabilities, products, services, or processes”.
BD COHNsulting focuses on business development based on comprehensive firm-level innovation activities aimed at establishing a sustainable position in their targeted markets, enhancing their competitive position and growing their values.
BD COHNsulting had developed an effective methodology for measurement-based management of innovation that leads to tangible performance where it counts: in the market. This methodology was developed by Dr. Sorin Cohn based on his extensive experience in all aspects of business innovation – from research laboratory creation to new technology developments, from technology to product development and market launch, from new business units to entrepreneurial creation of new companies in US and Canada.The principles on which the “competitive Firm-Innovation Technology” (cFIT) is based were substantiated through several in-depth inside-the-firm studies on innovation throughout the entire breadth of Canadian industry. The cFIT methodology is based on the “value-add Competitive Innovation Management” (v-CIM) framework.
BD COHNsulting provides its clients with high-value innovation management tools addressing various stages of the cFIT management process. Notable among them is the “intelligent Targeted Competitive Assessment” (iTCA) tool that enables a company to determine the competitive imperatives in each of its significant markets.
BD COHNsulting extensive knowledge of innovation metrics and their relative values helps companies optimize the allocation of resources and undertake more effective innovation activities with timely reviews and portfolio adjustments.
BD COHNsulting works with Federal and Provincial government agencies on assessing and upgrading programs in support of small and mid-size enterprises for greater effectiveness and impact on Canadian industry.
BD COHNsulting works with i-Canada and municipalities throughout the country, as well as abroad, for assessing their “intelligence” status and helping them embark upon effective programs towards enhancing their attractiveness civic and business residents and achieving a strong competitive position in the national and global context. 

Innovation is more a matter of culture than technology.

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