Startup Companies & Sustainability

Startup Companies & Sustainability

BD COHNsulting works with industry associations, communities, government entities and not-for-profit  organizations like Startup Canada and regional innovation centres to create a more viable crop of startup companies that can proceed to compete and grow for achieving tangible economic and social benefits. A culture of entrepreneurship and innovation is the most critical ingredient for business and community success, trumping incremental investments as the driving force for competitive performance in a world that is getting more and more open. Entrepreneurship is equally important for individuals looking to achieve their economic and social achievement visions as well as for companies – large and small – looking to enhance their value through new business and social initiatives. Enabling the creation of startup companies is of paramount importance to a national economy because they are bringing new blood and brains into the market and provide the growth factor in matters of employment and national wealth. Canada nowadays a regulatory environment that makes it one of the best countries in the world for starting a new company. The issue then is how to manage theses startups towards surviving their babyhood and growing into sustainable young companies and strong mature ones later on. 

Entrepreneurship management

BD COHNsulting and Dr. Sorin Cohn are participating fully in the activities of Startup Canada towards enhancing the culture of entrepreneurship in Canada, connecting entrepreneurs among themselves and with investors, supporting organizations and potential customers, while also creating viable startup communities in all major cities of the country.

BD COHNsultingworks with young companies towards accelerating their market penetration through better innovation management and focused business development activities in their targeted markets.

Innovation is more a matter of culture than technology.

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