Government Program Performance

Government Program Performance

BD COHNsulting works with Federal and Provincial government agencies on asses
sing and upgrading programs in support of small and mid-size enterprises for greater effectiveness and impact on Canadian industry.SMEs have become the engine of economic and employment growth in most developed countries of the world and special attention is being paid by governments everywhere towards enhancing the value and quality of efforts undertaken to ensure their business viability and enhance their competitiveness in world markets.Success of a company depends, in addition to a good measure of luck, on its capabilities to address a variety of business, managerial, operational, technical, and market connectivity issues. It needs to have technology and industry experience in whatever sector it operates; it needs to have management and operational skills in whatever domain it operates; and it needs to have market access and connectivity in whatever economy segment it operates. A small or medium enterprise does not have the means to contain within itself all these resources and, therefore, it has to collaborate and/or get support from outside in order to survive and prosper.Viewed from inside an SME, the kind of support services most needed and valuable are those concerned with: 

  • Financing of innovative developments – both technical and commercial
  • Managerial support in matters of:
    • Strategy and governance
    • Financial management
    • Operations
    • Legal and Intellectual Property (IP) protection
  • Technology, with emphasis on:
    • Processes (including production & customer relationships)
    • Platforms and infrastructure
    • Product/Service design and development

BD COHNsulting works with several Federal and Provincial government agencies on assessing SME support programs in other countries and provided recommendations for upgrading government programs for higher effectiveness and stronger industry impact.

  • Commercial Capabilities, namely:
    • Marketing inward and outward
    • Channels to market and sales completion
  • Relationship (connectivity) to potential collaboration partners and sources of support in matters of:
    • Technology
    • Management
    • Commercial capabilities

Innovation is more a matter of culture than technology.

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