CViG Benefits

Competitive Value Innovation (CVI) Guide (CViG) Benefits:

The CViG diagnostic tool is affordable, immediate and is easy to use and re-use. Its main benefits are: 
  • It provides a competitive dashboard via a targeted competitive analysis pertinent to priority markets
  • It diagnoses innovation management issues in the company
  • It acts as an ”Executive Misalignment Compass” by capturing divergences between organization leaders and showing how to strengthen and fully engage the executive team
  • It determines areas for competitive performance improvements
  • It helps in aligning culture to business goals and strategies
  • It points to types of partnerships required for success
  • It leads to wise investment decisions
  • It ensures higher measurable returns on investments
  • It makes the company more attractive to quality employees and lowers staff turnover
  • It makes the company more attractive to new investments and leads to a higher M&A or IPO valuation
  • It provides insightful regional / sectorial industry performance analyses necessary to determine wiser support programs and investments
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